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Fashion Flashback: Versace Spring 2008

This is one of my favourite Versace shows ever. It is Donatella at her finest and the Versace woman at her best. There are few words that can adequately describe this show besides sexy, a word that I detest but find so fitting for this occasion. Everything was flowy and free, silky and luxurious; leather was used without looking tough; the colour palette ranged from nudes to bright colours. And I can’t forget to mention the hair: bouncy and brilliant, it is the ultimate goal.
What I find disappointing however is the lack of model diversity, an issue we are still struggling with 7 years later: out of the entire cast there were zero black girls. However, the models that were there were really the best of the best – the mid-2000s girls who we all feel nostalgic for made an appearance: Snejana, Mariacarla, Kasia (in her debut season), Carmen, Natasha, Vlada, Tanya D, and, unforgettably, Sasha Pivovarova with her drunken-classic walk.

Below are my favourite looks from the show and also some (there were quite a few) of the campaign images from that season starring Gisele Bundchen.

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Note: I am beginning a new series of posts entitled Fashion Flashback which will include videos of shows that I love and want to share with people. They will obviously be older shows, ie. more than 2 years old, that I think are important. I am not going to try and over-analyse the shows because that has been done countless times, I just want to appreciate them for their beauty and aesthetics.