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Weekly Words: April 22nd 2017

“Calvin Klein Women’s Underwear Campaign Spring 2017”

Calvin Klein has released the women’s campaign for the underwear line, the second set of ads to come out under Raf Simons. Sticking to the brand heritage direction that Simons has taken since starting his new role, this campaign draws back to the 90s style of black and white imagery that Calvin Klein was known for. Sofia Coppola shot an age diverse cast of models for a video, followed by a series of short interviews where they reveal a moment or a fact. For example, in one of Kristen Dunst’s videos she talks about being insecure about her teeth then growing to love them. The videos are all available to watch on Calvin Klein’s YouTube channel, featuring the tagline “Calvin Klein, or nothing at all”: suggestive, with a double meaning, and similar to the infamous & paraphrased nothing between me and my Calvins said by Brooke Shields in the 80s.

Balenciaga’s $2,145 bag is just like Ikea’s 99 cent tote” – CNN

For sale at Barneys

In another classic case of “is this a joke or not?”, Balenciaga has retailed a bag costing over 2k that looks exactly like the industrial-style totes you can buy at Ikea for a dollar but this time made of leather. The CNN article, along with countless others, has brought the bag to international attention. I feel like the writer of the article may not know that Demna Gvasalia, the Creative Director of Balenciaga, also designs for Vetements as in the article they state: “In the age of high-fashion brands recreating cheap favorites — Vetements’ recreations of Hanes T-shirts for $740, for example — Balenciaga may just be jumping on the bandwagon.”

I personally think that selling this bag for the price they are is ridiculous, but I also understand that it is just a publicity stunt intended to generate buzz. Perhaps a few influencers will be spotted wearing it on Instagram but apart from that I think the aim is more so to bring attention to the Balenciaga brand. Also, Demna Gvasalia is someone who has fun with fashion and likes to poke fun at the industry in a way. This bag could be an inside joke, just like the DHL t-shirt was at Vetements (made because they used DHL messengers so frequently when they were shipping orders).

“Inside #RevolveFestival, An Influencer-Filled Weekend That Dominated the Coachella Party Scene” – Fashionista

I spoke a lot about Coachella last week in preparation for the first weekend of the festival and I’ve honestly found it fascinating to read the coverage of the event afterwards. It seemed that Coachella was very much an influencer focused event this year with little attention on the music and plenty of shine on the outfits and parties. In fact, I probably seen more Instagrams from #HotelRevolve at #RevolveFestival than I did from people actually at Coachella. This article from Fashionista takes us inside the various events held by Revolve over the festival weekend and details the guests, the perks, and the happenings inside the parties. It seems that celebrities got lots of free stuff (of course) and extra special performances from musicians. The main point of these types of events, held by various brands during Coachella in venues outside of the festival grounds, is to generate publicity and, in turn, sales. However, the actual link between these events and sales is not yet proven with concrete evidence but judging by how much money brands sink into hosting these events plus the grand scale of them, I’m guessing it pays off. Read the article linked for further details on how the sponsored events work and also if you have a spare hour listen to this podcast from Fashionista which discusses Coachella and the whole sponsored festival dynamic in greater detail.

Calvin Klein "Moonlight" Ads

Previously on here I’ve mentioned how I was so obsessed with the #mycalvins campaign and how I was curious to see where things would go from there under Raf Simons. Now the first set of images under his tenure have been released and, honestly, I love them. The cast of Moonlight, Best Picture winner, look so amazing in the ads and I’ve realised that I prefer the stripped-back, minimalistic vibes so much more than the social media driven #mycalvins. In fact, it takes you right back to the heyday of CK in the early 90s. Shot by Willy Vanderperre, the campaign images are worthy of an exhibition. Every time I see one at a bus shelter I take a photo.

I’m interested in finding out more about how advertising works at Calvin Klein. As far as I’m aware they have their own in-house advertising department, meaning that it is somebody’s job to come up with the creative concepts exclusively for the brand. That must be so exciting during a transition time like this (especially with the entry of Raf Simons who is just insanely talented and influential), knowing that you are directly responsible for public perception of the brand.

Alex Hibbert
Alex Hibbert
Ashton Sanders
Ashton Sanders
Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali
Trevante Rhodes
Trevante Rhodes

I love #mycalvins

Honestly, I love the #mycalvins ad series. It is one of the few things in fashion that has got me truly excited in the past few months. I’ve said it a few times before, fashion isn’t inspiring to me right now. I look in stores and I struggle to find any clothes that I want to buy. I flick through magazines and I do exactly that – flick through. Nothing is stopping me and grabbing my attention. That is, nothing apart from the #mycalvins ads.

Calvin Klein is a brand that I have been focused on a lot recently, purely because it is in an exciting transitional phase at the moment. Raf Simons is the new Creative Director and I am eagerly anticipating his first collection. I can’t wait to see what he does and what shift he makes. The departure of Francisco Costa was surprising to me but I am happy to see Raf again, just because I’m a fangirl (of course, if you’re into fashun, you’re into Raf). I’ve actually written a couple of essays/reports about Calvin Klein for classes this semester, and I’ve chosen to do so for this reason.

The #mycalvins campaign is one of the most savvy digital campaigns I’ve ever seen. I’ve never wanted to engage with a hashtag before but it has me wanting to post a selfie wearing my own Calvin Klein underwear. Not only that but the casting of the ads are impeccable. They used a diverse range of models, musicians, and people who are really influential (but not influencers) to create a campaign that made young people want to be a part of it. Now more than ever before, in my opinion, do people want to rock Calvin Klein. Girls and guys.

What’s so funny to me is that Calvin Klein has moved from clothes to just underwear, graphic t-shirts and denim now (in most Millenials/Gen Z’s minds), perhaps as a result of the campaign and the spread of the brand to Instagram users around the world. Urban Outfitters has a range in almost every store I’ve visited. I have a friend who wore a Calvin Klein t-shirt with a pencil skirt (and looked damn good doing so). The casual element of the brand is so different than what the mainline collection presents.

I am just wondering if Raf will continue on in this current direction with his collections or if he will completely transform the brand into something different? I like to keep in mind that Calvin Klein started off way back in the 60s and only entered in underwear market in the 80s, yet underwear is what most of us think of when we think of Calvin Klein. Everyone knows of the Kate Moss/Mark Wahlberg ads or the Brooke Shields (original) my Calvins ads. Maybe Raf’s direction will head back towards focusing on Calvin Klein Collection instead of Jeans and Underwear which seems to have overtaken in the young consumer’s mind. But maybe he doesn’t need to do that? Perhaps the beauty of the Calvin Klein brand is all of the different options available at the various price points. Not too many people can actually afford Collection. All in all, I love #mycalvins and I hope the campaign runs for at least another season.

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Wolves – Kanye West x Balmain

Wolves is one of the Kanye West songs that I rarely listen to and it’s just because I don’t like Sia’s voice so I usually skip the song once it gets to her part. I’m glad he added Vic Mensa back in though. I like him. However, since the music video/Balmain campaign has been released I felt the need to watch from start to finish. Honestly, I really like it.

The lighting in the campaign highlights the clothes in the best possible way. The model selection is stellar. The art direction is on point. Kim looks beautiful, even when she is crying. Overall, I just found the video so visually appealing. The collaboration with Balmain made sense too and didn’t feel forced or awkward. Everyone looked like they were meant to be wearing the brand, not that they had been forced to, especially in the club scenes.


I’m excited to see the actual campaign images in magazines. There have been quite a few released so far via Instagram but it will be nice to actually see them on paper. So far, I think they’re the sort that I’ll tear out of the magazine and stick on my wall. I don’t even care about Kim Kardashian being in fashion anymore. She seems sweet and rather harmless really. Besides, if you had the opportunity to do what she does, wear the designers she does, go to the shows she does, wouldn’t you take that opportunity too?


Directed by Steven Klein
Creative Direction (of Balmain) by Olivier Rousteing
Concept and Creative Direction by Pascal Dangin

Brandon Maxwell’s First Ad Campaign – FW16

So happy to share with you this clip of our #BrandonMaxwell Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign Video, a love letter to my family. Full video is now up on www.brandonmaxwellstudio.com, link in bio! Thank you to @tmagazine for launching this first look! ❤ Shot @thestandard Thank you: Jessy Price Taylor Jordan Santiago Gonzalez Blanca Padilla Herieth Paul Maria Borges Riley Montana Ophelie Guillermand Leila Nda Next models Women Management NY IMG Models Tom Pecheux Samantha Lua Tie Tsukui Home Agency Wesley O’Meara Helen Kenny Angela Elizalde Honey Artists Milk Studios Velem Jae Choi The Collective Shift Lauren Pistoia Karla Otto Lauren Phelps Ashley Temple Sandra Amador Natali Germanotta Anida Qermiaj Jay Lopez Fernando Souto Emily Kremer Santiago Gonzalez Cameron Dingwall Mark Sherman Jordyn Gatti Kristen Gehringer Sara Kinney and my family.

A post shared by Brandon Maxwell (@brandonmaxwell) on


I am blown away by this campaign. It is so beautiful and personal, and definitely representative of the life of a young designer.

Read Brandon Maxwell’s statement below (made on Instagram):

I’m so excited to be releasing our Fall/Winter 2016 campaign video and imagery over the course of this week! This project, which was photographed by me, is a very personal and full circle moment. I grew up wanting to make fashion photographs and spent almost every single weekend teaching myself to make clothes, doing my girlfriends’ hair and makeup, and staging photo shoots with disposable cameras anywhere we didn’t get kicked out. As I grew older, my love for making images slowly transitioned from being my hobby to being my identity. My passion for taking photographs kept me out of trouble, it gave me self confidence, it helped me find a focus and drive in my life, and it ultimately led me to pursue a college degree in photography, where I formed some of the most profound and creative friendships i’ve ever had. At a young age I dreamed what seemed at times like some very unrealistic dreams, but I always had faith that my life path could eventually lead me to making a living combining all the creative passions I truly loved if I pursued them with hard work, dedication, and honesty. I’m so incredibly grateful that it has. Nothing gives me as much pure joy than making clothes and photographing them, and I am so thankful to the loving team around me who supported my dreams and helped make this happen.

See the campaign in full here.

Best Fashion Campaigns of The Moment: Prada, Chanel & Givenchy

I am a very visual person. I decide in an instant if I like something or not, purely based on appearance and snap-judgements. Perhaps that is why I adore fashion: it is a very visual field. It is all about the aesthetic and little about the substance on the surface, it is personal choice if you decide to dig deeper. One of my favourite ways to look at fashion is through the advertising campaigns put out by the brands at the start of each season: they run in the magazines, are occasionally pasted onto bus stops and are splattered all over the internet. An advert, if successful, will make you want to buy something from the brand. That is the whole point of advertising, to draw in customers and increase sales. However, a fashion advert is different to a regular advert that you would see for a can of beans or some washing powder. Yes, the Heinz brand name sells the product similar to the way that the Hermes name sells a bag and yes, if you use that particular brand of detergent you are buying into a certain lifestyle but really it is not the same. Fashion adverts are an extension of an editorial, in my eyes. If they are worthwhile, they are inspirational or should I say aspirational? When I look at the ad campaigns for some of my favourite brands, I don’t see the dollar signs but I see the story. The advert is a real-life representation of the house. It lets you know a little bit more about the brand, like who their ideal girl is. I mean, how else would we know exactly that the Miu Miu girl is the kooky little sister of Prada, slightly mischievous and a whole lot of fun, if that idea wasn’t reiterated in the adverts time and time again?

At this current moment, there are countless new adverts coming out since we are now entering the new season. In a little less than a month, fashion “month” will be upon us again hence signalling the beginning of the Spring 2015 season (even though what is being presented is for FW15). It is easy to get a little bit lost in the seasons, especially considering that these days celebrities have worn half of the next-season collections before they have hit the stores or are even ready to pre-order. When you see these clothes in the adverts again or actually being used in editorials, you are reminded that they are, in fact, current season and that celebrities live in another world. A world without waiting times…

Regardless, the excitement of seeing certain clothes in print makes the wait worthwhile. I always love seeing what pieces from the collections (especially since many have over 50 looks) actually make it into the ads as surely the best of the best are chosen. I also love how sometimes, say you didn’t quite get the collection the first time you seen it or you just didn’t like it, the adverts can totally change your opinion on certain pieces. I know that that has happened for me personally time and time again with collections that I hated first time around then loved in print. Alternatively, the opposite can happen.

This season, the three campaigns that I adore the most are Prada, Chanel & Givenchy. Firstly, with this seasons’ Prada, I liked it straight away. The show was opened by Gemma Ward who is subsequently starring in the campaigns, shot by Steven Meisel… obviously. I find it slightly hilarious how people have been calling for her return online for, literally, 5 years at least and were shot down. Now she is back and in a big way. I have noticed that one of the main features of this collection (and also the menswear collection), the visible seams and stitching, has already made its way onto the high street but only in menswear so far: I seen a new season shirt in Topman but I can’t find it online for the life of me. I think what is so wonderful about the Prada brand is that 9 times out of 10, they get the ad campaigns spot on. Even the ones that I think I didn’t like at the time grow on me months later (take Fall 2014 as an example). I also adore the Resort campaign for the brand so I will include that in this list. I have one of the images stuck up on my bedroom wall as I love it so much: maybe I should frame it?

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Second is Chanel. After putting Gisele Bundchen in the current Chanel No5 perfume adverts (the You’re The One That I Want campaign), Karl has chosen her to front the brand’s Spring 2015 adverts also. Now if you remember, the collection was all about revolution, they staged a feminist protest at the show. However, I’m not sure that it is clear to see from the adverts. The whole concept is Chanel Paris After Dark, or #chanelparisafterdark if you want to go all Instagram correct, and they follow Gisele around various locations in the beautiful city including the infamous Love Lock bridge. I think the result is a million times better than some previous season adverts (take the boxing-style campaign with Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton) and is actually rather fitting for the brand.

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Finally, I adore the latest Givenchy adverts. On Tumblr, there are a set of super risqué images going around featuring a whole lot of sex, both heterosexual and homosexual, and lots of skin: these are fake. Then there is also the more tame, commercial version which are the same images minus the explicit pictures: or should I say the real version. Julia Roberts also stars in the adverts, looking moody and, quite frankly, fucking brilliant along with models Imaan Hammam (my latest love, along with Prada-exclusive and my current goal in life Aya Jones), Stella Lucia & Mica Arganaraz, whose hair in the adverts reminds me slightly of Gia’s. I find the edits oddly funny and wish that they were genuine, just to cause a stir and wind people-up. Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when they flicked open Vogue to see that?

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Best Celebrity Ad Campaigns

In light of Lady Gaga’s heavenly campaigns for Versace where she is Donatella’s mini-me, I have decided to take a look at some of my favourite celebrity and fashion crossovers. Quite, often even though they don’t have the same skills as the models, celebrities are hired to be the face of a brand or even the face of a perfume. The outcome? Sometimes beautiful, sometimes bland.

Firstly, Lady Gaga’s Spring 2014 Versace campaign which I simply can’t not include:

7a78a85bd7441c73_0-ladygagaversace.jpg.xxxlargeRead more