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Prada’s Online Archive

Thank the heavens above for this wonderful gem that has been delivered to us in the form of an update of the Prada website. That’s right, an archive of every single Prada collection EVER has been uploaded. It is marvellous. You know those times when you struggle away online, searching for a collection from the early nineties, only to find one or two looks, usually the ones worn by Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell? Well that is no longer an issue (with Prada anyway).

From SS04, a personal favourite collection of mine.
From SS04, a personal favourite collection of mine.

I, for one, am extremely thankful for this. In the past few months I’ve been trawling through threads on The Fashion Spot, mainly the “History of Style” section to find old collections, sometimes with or without success. It is there that I found all the images of Prada’s first ever collection, which, by the way, is brilliant. I actually have an upcoming blog post about that collection as part of the “Fashion Flashbacks” series that I am enjoying preparing. Now there is the option not only to see that collection but also to see all of them, literally. Womenswear and menswear are included, as are videos for each collection. Honestly, when I found out about this I was ecstatic.

Now if you excuse me, I am off to watch some 90s Prada shows! Do the same, I dare you.