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Favourite Looks from Cannes 2016

A dream of mine is coming true this summer. I am going to the French Riviera! Whilst we are staying in Nice, we will be doing a day trip to Cannes. Yes, the celebrities will all be gone once the film festival is over but the place will be just as glamorous and exciting.

There is something about Cannes that just works for Kendall Jenner. This time last year she wore that exquisite purple Calvin Klein dress and just looked insanely stunning and now this year she has worn a really cool Versace gown. I love this entire look. I really don’t understand why she’s here with Magnum ice-cream but whatever, I suppose you need an excuse to actually attend events at Cannes if you’re not in the film business. She also wore a fantastic Elie Saab dress and also a Mathieu Mirano fringed dress which was pretty awesome too.

I also thought Blake Lively with her little baby bump looked fantastic. First in the Ferragamo coat dress and second in the Atelier Versace gown. Finally she wore a gold, belted slip. I had a dress so similar to this that I gave away a few months ago (it looked nowhere near as good on me, I blame the super pale skin) but now I wish I had kept it so I could recreate this look.

Lily-Rose Depp wore an off the shoulder Chanel look. Every single time I see a photo of her I am blown away at how stunning she is. It makes sense given her parents but it still blows me away. I wish I looked half as good as that at 16.

Kirstin Dunst wore white Dior Haute Couture. 

Eva Longoria wore Pamela Rowland.

Irina Shayk was in Miu Miu. There are feathers on the back!

Blake Lively – Allure Magazine

Let me start off by saying, I used to idolise Serena van der Woodsen, or more so I wanted her life. Blake Lively, of course, played that character. With her flowing blonde tresses and her effortlessly stunning looks, she captured my attention and I have loved her ever since. After Gossip Girl ended, S (or should I say B?) got married and had a baby. Now she’s on the cover of Allure, and she looks insane – in the best way possible.

I really do think she’s incredibly beautiful and the hair and make-up in the cover shot just emphasise it. Everything is pared back, with her wearing just a crisp white shirt and no fussy jewellery. The make-up was done by Charlotte Tilbury, the woman who I’d love to hire as my personal make-up artist because she has the ability to make anybody look like a supermodel, and it makes it difficult to believe that Blake gave birth a matter of months ago. Seriously, if I looked even half as good as she does when/if I’m a mother, I will be thanking heavens above.

PS – There’s such a pretty black & white shot inside the magazine too. I’ll include it below.

Amal Clooney at the Golden Globes

This is going to be a rather superficial post. I have little to say apart from I fucking love her dress. Amal Clooney, George’s wife, has become an international public figure this year. An accomplished woman in her own right, Amal is a human rights lawyer and has worked on many high-profile cases. However, she didn’t come to much media attention until her marriage to George Clooney who has been notoriously single for years. I don’t know much about Amal so I can’t form much of an opinion on her. From what I know, she seems like a pretty admirable woman and dresses brilliantly. Her wedding looks were stunning but I think this dress beats them all.

Amal oozed Old Hollywood glamour at the awards show. She wore a Dior couture black dress with the most gorgeous train. To top it off she wore long white gloves which she reportedly had sewn herself. I just adore the Old Hollywood look, as I’m sure many people do, and wish current-day Hollywood would be more like it. However, times and styles have changed and it is just not as popular any more. The person who has come closest to it in recent times (apart from Amal) is Blake Lively and her stunning Gucci dress at the Met Ball in 2014.

So Amal, I apologise that I have nothing better to say about you other than I love your dress: I know that you’re so much more than that. But really, it is the greatest dress I have seen for a long time.

Blake Lively at the Met Ball 2014
Blake Lively at the Met Ball 2014