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The Artist is Absent – Martin Margiela

YOOX Group have produced a short film about Martin Margiela, the elusive fashion designer. Now I love fashion documentaries. I watch them even if I don’t care about the designer or the brand, and I usually end up loving both by the end. The film is under 12 minutes long so really doesn’t take up much of your time to watch, but it is very to the point and that is perhaps the best part.

Martin Margiela stepped down from his namesake brand (now just called Maison Margiela and headed by John Galliano) once he felt he had designed everything he needed to design. I love that idea. I feel like sometimes fashion designers create for so long that they run out of fresh ideas and their shows are just slightly tweaked versions of what they were before. Margiela has avoided this problem by bowing out when he felt he was done, but he would be welcomed back into the industry with open arms should he choose to return.

Part of his allure is the mystery that surrounds him. Nobody sees him, and he is not featured in the documentary. Margiela clothes have very basic labels that don’t even bear the brand’s name. He is best known for his deconstructionist designs of the late 90s, but it is perhaps his basics which are most worn. In the documentary you see models wearing nude bodysuits that are now ever so popular, perhaps thanks to Kim Kardashian. You can see that they were worn as a blank canvas, to ensure all of the focus was on the other pieces. Perhaps that’s what Kanye was doing with the weird bodystockings? Maybe we were meant to just look at the pieces of actual clothes, say the jackets? He’s a lot smarter than he gets credit for, I have to admit.

Anyway, check out the documentary. It’s good. Also, here’s a Margiela nude bodysuit, they’re almost always sold out (£190 Nude, and £150 Black) and a Missguided version (£12 Nude, £12 Black) for those of us who don’t want to shell out too much money. If you’re looking for something a bit better quality than Missguided (read: thicker), have a look at American Apparel whose bodysuits are great and still reasonably priced (£25-30ish for basic ones). However, they usually don’t have have poppers in the crotch (forgive my awful wording) so you have to take all your clothes off if you need the bathroom, keep that in mind!