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Best of 2014 – Vogue Editorials

As per last year’s post, of around the same time of year, I have decided to round up what I consider to be the best editorials of the year. In this post, I will deal specifically with the four big Vogue magazines: British, American, Italian & French. Although, historically, these magazines are considered the best of the Vogues, I’m not 100% sure that that is still the case. Vogue Nippon (Japan) and Vogue Russia are, in my opinion, shining as bright stars in terms of editorials (I have no idea about actual content, I can’t read either language). However, like last year, I’m going to use this post for the Big Four and a separate one for the other, smaller Vogue magazines along with the myriad other fashion publications, from the biggest to the most indie. Now I realise that this post will be very photo-heavy so apologies in advance if that is not your preference. To strike, what is hopefully, a balance, I will only post my favourite shots from each editorial and link the rest for you all to look at elsewhere. Let us commence!


“Paradise City”

Models – Georgia May Jagger & Charlotte Free

Photographer – Tyrone Lebon

Stylist – Francesca Burns

See full editorial here.

See short film here.

“Santa Barbara”

Models – Andreea Diaconu & Ashleigh Good

Photographer – Josh Olins

Stylist – Clare Richardson

(This is probably my favourite British Vogue editorial of the entire year, Diaconu looks stunning all throughout).

See full editorial here.

“The Wolf in Her”

Model – Lara Stone

Photographer – Mario Sorrenti

Stylist – Kate Moss

See full editorial here.

See short film here.

Honorable mention to the Anna Ewers editorial “Two Weeks in September” which I have already made a post about previously. 


 “A Fine Romance”

Models – Lara Stone & Kit Harington

Photographer – Peter Lindbergh

Stylist – Tabitha Simmons

See full editorial here.

“The Feminine Mystique”

Model – Fei Fei Sun

Photographer – Peter Lindbergh

Stylist – Tonne Goodman

See full editorial here.

“The Dance of Seduction”

Models – Chanel Iman & A$AP Rocky

Photographer – Mikael Jansson

Stylist – Camilla Nickerson

See full editorial here.


“Un Week-End”

Models – Andreea Diaconu & Edita Vilkeviciute

Photographer – Mikael Jansson

Stylist – Anastasia Barbieri

See the full editorial here.

“Vent Du Nord”

Model – Andreea Diaconu

Photographer – Gregory Harris

Stylist – Veronique Didry

See full editorial here.

“L’Automne En Douce”

Model – Isabeli Fontana

Photographer – Scott Trindle

Stylist – Geraldine Saglio

See full editorial here. 


“Horror Movie”

Models – Natalie Westling, Issa Lish & Bernd Sassmannshausen

Photographer – Steven Meisel

Stylist – Karl Templer

See full editorial here.

“Wild Chic Style”

Models – Langley Fox Hemmingway & Ruby Stewart

Photographer – Michel Comte

Stylist – Ayako Yoshida

See full editorial here.

As I have said before, there are many brilliant editorials in fashion publications that are not the Big Four Vogues. For that reason, another post choosing my favourites from the other magazines will be coming up shortly. Let me know what you think of my picks, are there any of your favourites that I missed?