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The Next Insta-Girl

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of the iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, made her fashion week debut this season. The fanfare surrounding her was inevitable and her buzz has been slowly brewing for months now, starting when she was just fifteen and culminating in a walk down the runway for Calvin Klein, hailing the beginning of Kaia’s reign as the newest Insta-Girl in town. Gerber has her mother’s beauty, a classic All-American look that was re-popularized by the likes of Gigi Hadid who has been playing the role of the quintessential Californian blonde for the past five years. For every runway that Gerber walked down, dozens of Instagram posts were spawned. Kaia Gerber’s name has populated every fashion news outlet since the beginning of September. Her face has been on almost every brand’s social media. Really, her debut is one of the biggest that we have ever seen from an Instagram model who tend to just do one or two shows a season and get all of the attention in a clickbait-like fashion – e.g. Kendall Jenner’s debut season where she walked for Marc Jacobs and generated headlines for weeks to come. Gerber walked for Marc Jacobs, along with Prada, Chanel, and Alexander Wang, to just name a few. This is impressive, but not at all unexpected given her lineage.

at Alexander Wang

Casting Director James Scully, most notable for shining light on Balenciaga’s poor casting practices last season, made some slightly contradictory comments about Gerber to WWD, saying that Gerber is getting many opportunities because she is such a beautiful girl, not because of her mother but later saying “lots of people who normally wouldn’t use a girl like her, they’re all using her. To be quite honest, Raf [Simons] wouldn’t use her. Half the shows she’s done, those people wouldn’t use her if she was just a beautiful girl off the street.”. He then adds “The thing about Kaia is…if Kaia were Kaia Gerber and she wasn’t Cindy’s daughter, I think the industry would be a lot meaner to her than they’re being”. The phenomenon of a nepotism model is nothing new in fashion, which is an industry based off of who you know. If Kaia’s debut season is anything to go by, she will be a supermodel before you know it. She is already being touted as one on Vogue’s YouTube account. It will be interesting to watch her star grow and to see the effect that it has on others in the industry afterwards. If Scully’s words are anything to go by, a new generation of “beautiful” girls are coming in where coolness is no longer a factor. He’s a name to trust and only time will tell if his prediction comes true.

Gerber’s surge into public consciousness coincides with the minor decline of the previous generation of Insta-Girls like the aforementioned Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin, who have all played a much less prominent role during the four fashion weeks than they ever have since their rise. Interestingly enough, it seems as if the previous generation are actively segueing down new avenues. The same thing happened when Jenner and Hadid became the top models – the previous troupe led by Cara Delevingne began to pursue different things, with Delevingne quitting modelling altogether to focus on acting.

So what will happen to the original Insta-Girl generation? Let’s look at the leaders of the pack. Gigi Hadid, having secured a lucrative and seemingly restrictive contract with Tommy Hilfiger, has taken a step back from the craziness of fashion month, choosing to walk in only a select few shows per city, skipping many of the major names that she is usually seen at. Instead she has been promoting the Tommy Hilfiger line which bears her name. During Milan Fashion Week, she was visiting Tommy Hilfiger’s Amsterdam HQ. Hadid’s line with Tommy has done wonders for the brand and has a high sell-through rate. The brand name is on the lips of teenagers across the world in a way that it hasn’t been since the 1990s. The demand for anything Gigi Hadid related is high, given her 35.9 million Instagram followers, many of whom have purchasing power that Tommy Hilfiger has chosen to tap into. As for Hadid, the collaboration with an iconic American brand gives her prestige, credibility, and a day-job besides modelling – an important asset when it comes to career longevity. In recent months, Hadid has also collaborated with Vogue Eyewear for a line of sunglasses and eyeglasses, in which she played a large role in the design process. Conversely, her sister, Bella, has chosen to attack this past fashion month with full force and shows no sign of an intent to slow down. Hailey Baldwin, crowned Maxim’s Sexiest Woman for 2017, is still modelling frequently, shooting editorials and campaigns left, right, and center. However, it also appears that she is looking to become a true household name via her new vocation as a television presenter. Baldwin has taken up the Chrissy-Teigen-on-Lip-Sync-Battle role on the new TBS show Drop the Mic, hosted by rapper Method Man. With this show being broadcast in the homes of millions of Americans, it is likely that Baldwin will reach an even broader audience than her Instagram allows her to and will perhaps lead to non-modelling opportunities like more television appearances and can help her build her own personal brand outside of the brands that she is already the face of. And as for Kendall Jenner, she has been lying low since the Pepsi debacle earlier this year, choosing a lingerie contract with La Perla over the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Jenner also spent most of fashion month outside of Europe, walking in only a handful of shows. Instead she remained in Los Angeles, where she and her family reside, in what seemed like a self-imposed exile. Judging by the coverage of her in comparison to this time last year, Kendall’s star is fading. Or could it be that she is simply being eclipsed by the breakout star of fashion month, Kaia Gerber? Kendall Jenner herself joked in Love Magazine earlier this year that everybody needed to get in all their work before Gerber turned 16 or they’ll all “go broke!”. It seems as though her joke may ring true.

Vogue Japan – December 2016

I adore this Vogue Japan/Nippon cover of Gigi Hadid, shot by Luigi & Iango and styled by Anna Dello Russo. The slightly blurred effect in her face plus the make-up reminded me of an 80s supermodel, the true generation. This could be Christy Turlington or Linda Evangelista to me and that’s a big statement for me to make given the fact that they are in a whole other stratosphere than Gigi and her peers.

I’m slowly coming around to the Hadid’s, more so Bella than Gigi. I do think Bella is truly stunning (even if she’s had work done) and she actually seems like a really cool girl. I can imagine myself being friends with her more than I can Gigi somehow. Bella has good style for sure. Gigi does seem like a nice girl though and I can’t grudge her success. I think it’s easy to down on the Kardashians and the Hadids and the Baldwins and all of the famous-for-being-famous models or Instagirls but it’s also a sign of the times. You can’t be bitter because of change. I do miss the older generation of models and I preferred it when social media didn’t determine if a model would become successful or not because it definitely can overshadow talent. Modelling was something I used to be super passionate about (not myself personally but watching other people’s careers grow). I used to scour the new faces boards of agencies online and try to predict who would make it. I chose Anna Ewers, yay!

Anyway, I really love this cover and I’ll buy it if I ever see it. The editorial accompanying it (entitled My Princess) was nice too. Gigi is very pouty and it gives me real Irina Shayk vibes. The styling is also a little bit more subdued than Anna Dello Russo normally does which surprised me a little bit. It was slightly Carine in my eyes. I really adored it to be honest. I’ll include the editorial below:

The September Issues – 2015 Edition

Sorry I’ve had this in my drafts for a few weeks and I kept forgetting to schedule it! It is slightly late, but better late than never, huh?


The time has once again come: the September Issues. Famed by the documentary of the same name, this annual issue is often the biggest and best of the year – or at least that’s what the editors hope for. The magazines are thick with adverts, showcasing the latest looks of the new season (and I have to admit, I do love a good fashion ad as much as I do an editorial), and full of interviews, articles, and editorials. I only have subscriptions to three magazines – British Vogue, Elle UK, and Vanity Fair – although I often buy more magazines in September. I’m going to do a little round up of my favourite covers, let me know if you agree!

I’ve been holding off on posting this as I was waiting for the Vogue Italia cover to come out as I just assumed it would be on my list, but actually I’m not a fan. It just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I’m not the biggest Lexi Boling fan nor am I that into this season’s Prada. To me, it looked like a continuation of the ad campaign rather than an entirely new concept because the styling was pretty much the same.

Sadly for me, I wasn’t entirely in love with any of the September issues that I’ve purchased. I don’t know if I’m just not into the trends that they’re pushing this season or if it’s the fact that full runway looks in editorials are boring (I know some brands have a contract which says you can’t mix their clothes with other brands so perhaps that’s why). Either way, I just feel like what I anticipated this season to be like, based on the runway shows in February, isn’t what it is like in the magazines.


Shot by Patrick Demarchelier
Shot by Patrick Demarchelier

For her 49th cover on her native Russia’s Vogue, Natasha Poly wears Louis Vuitton. I really like the burnt orange background as it ties in well with the colours of the coat.


Shot by Steven Meisel
Shot by Steven Meisel

I’m not the biggest fan of Gigi Hadid, purely because of her Instagram fame (which is all magazines seem to focus on nowadays), but she looks stunning in this photo which is kind-of different and daring for a September cover – you can barely see the clothes, for one – and she also has the greatest hair ever. Also the shots inside the magazine are so dreamy (linked via tfs).


Anna Cleveland shot by Juergen Teller
Shot by Juergen Teller

Ok so technically this is the “fall” issue as opposed to September, but I thought I’d include it still. I adore Anna Cleveland. I love watching her career grow, walking Chanel couture, doing campaigns for Lanvin and Bottega Veneta, and, increasingly, editorials in a range of magazines. This cover is fun and I love the colours, my only criticism being it seems more spring than fall to me. Plus, Anna is just her mother’s double and being the daughter of a fashion legend and catwalk queen can’t hurt.


Shot by Mario Testino

I think we can all agree that Beyonce is the queen of the entire world. It’s funny because I never really expected her to be on the cover because really I was expecting someone a little more bland, but I think she looks wonderful. I really wonder how well it will sell and if the cover look will sell too – I didn’t love it on the Marc Jacobs runway but Beyonce looks insane in it, but she always does, right? My one criticism is the wet hair. I hate that look and the only time I’ve seen it in person is when someone is running late in the morning, completely unintentionally.


Elizabeth Olsen by Todd Cole
Elizabeth Olsen by Todd Cole

What can I say? I’m a fan of all of the Olsens. I think Elizabeth looks so beautiful. I’d like to transplant her hair onto my head. Usually I find a grey background rather dull but I think it actually works in this case. Everything seems so tied together.


Lana Del Rey by Steven Klein

I adore Lana. This photoshoot was just so her and I think she stays true to her look – cat eyes, Priscilla Presley hair, and pouty lips. She often seems to bring a glamour to images that many people fail to conjure up nowadays, but when you see candid photos she seems just like a regular girl. It really shows the power of the camera.

2015 VMAs Best Dressed

Oh the VMAs. The drama-filled music event which is attended by those who have literally nothing to do with the world of music. Quite a few big pop culture moments have occurred at the annual award show: Britney and Madonna’s kiss; Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift; Lady Gaga’s meat dress; Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s odd performance; and now this year, Nicki Minaj calling out the host herself, the aforementioned Miley Cyrus.

However, I am not here to dwell on the actual show. I want to talk about the stars’ sartorial choices. I’m going to make a list of my picks for the 5 best dressed of the night. See below:

NICKI MINAJ in Labourjoisie

I hope she works with Rushka Bergman for a long time because her looks have been utterly fabulous in the past year or so.

GIGI HADID in Emilia Wickstead

Whilst I think Gigi would’ve looked better had the dress been a little more closed at the front (a high slit still could’ve worked though), the colour looks insane on her.


I’m not a Kylie fan but I cannot deny that she looks so good here. The hairstyle suits her and I love the dress, although I could never wear something so short personally.


I didn’t love her first Calvin Klein dress that she wore on the red carpet but she looks amazing in this dress which she changed into for the actual show. She just has a great body and this dress flaunts it.

LILY ALDRIDGE in Alexandre Vaulthier

The plunging neckline couldn’t be any lower but somehow she still looks great. The risqué top is balanced out by the fishtail bottom.

What do you think? Would you have picked somebody else to be on this list?