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Weekly Words: 7th October 2017

Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2018 Show Marks the Beginning of a New Era – Hypebae

Clare Waight Keller’s debut at Givenchy has been one of the most awaited of fashion month. Honestly, I wasn’t suuuuuper excited about it because I love Riccardo Tisci and I miss him already. However, I did like the collection. It was a faraway step from Tisci’s Givenchy, filled with gothic vibes, vampy lips, and almost exclusively black clothing. Instead it was light, slightly romantic, and closer to Keller’s Chloé. She is somebody who manages to tailor her aesthetic to whatever brand she works for, which is a good skill to have, but I’m not sure that I am clear on what her specific signatures are. Before this collection was shown, I read a New York Times profile of Keller and it presented her in a very positive light. For one, she is calm, cool, and collected, which is a departure from the fashion stereotype of uptight, crazy dictator-like bosses who will snap at any given moment. Furthermore, she has much more experience than most initially give her credit for having been creative director of various brands, most recently Chloé, where she left to join Givenchy. A major criticism of her appointment at Givenchy was that she cannot do menswear, that she doesn’t have the required experience. However, she did menswear at Pringle and Ralph Lauren (where she was the Director of Menswear) so this criticism is likely shortsighted. I also like the campaign’s for the brand with the cat. I have spotted one in Tribeca and it is literally just an image of a black cat then the logo with the address of the store. No names. No added information. Interesting, huh? I am curious to see how Keller comes into her own during her tenure at the brand.

“This Model Turned CEO Is Betting ‘Bricks and Clicks’ Can Create a Green Fast-Fashion Empire” Forbes

from Forbes

Forbes wrote an interesting profile of Yael Aflalo, founder and CEO of Reformation, the well-loved, oft-Instagrammed sustainable fashion brand. Yael has to be commended for being the first person to approach sustainability at a semi-affordable price point without sacrificing style or any design details. People walk into a Reformation store, perhaps not even realizing that sustainability is its main mission, and see racks and racks full of cute and super flattering clothes. They have sweet slip dresses, nicely cut denim, and even a bridal line. The most interesting part about the enterprise is the way that the clothes are made, normally with recycled/repurposed fabrics, in Los Angeles (60% of the time in the on-site factory), and in the most eco-friendly way possible. The Forbes article tells the tale of how Yael got her start in sustainability after taking a trip to China and also reaches further back into her career, telling the story of her forays into fashion before opening Reformation. I was most interested to read this because I love hearing people’s stories of how they got to where they are. I personally love Reformation. The clothes are cute, the message is clear (and one that I would like to support), and the company seems to be pretty ethical. All of this, coupled with the fact that the leadership is almost fully female, it seems like a very forward-thinking company and one that I’d like to be a part of in the years to come, whether that be as a customer or even an employee.

Fashion Flashback: Givenchy Fall 2007 Couture

Clockwise from left – Jessica Stam in American Vogue, From Runway, Nicki Minaj on Grammys red carpet

I recently stumbled across the image of Jessica Stam with the giraffe on Tumblr. All I could think, besides what a fantastic photograph, was that I recognised that outfit. Almost immediately I remembered Nicki Minaj wearing the look at the Grammys in 2011. I remember waiting up until midnight to see what she was wearing, watching Live from the Red Carpet on E!, and tweeting about it afterwards. At the time I was a super fan so that kind of behaviour was expected. Anyway, seeing the image of Stam made me look into the collection, Fall 2007 Couture. In 2007 I was 9 years old. I will not even lie to you and pretend I remember seeing this come down the runway. I do not recall that. In fact, in 2007 I was still obsessing over Paris and Nicole. I probably didn’t even know what Givenchy was. However, since I enjoy looking back at older collections now, I’ve been browsing for images and videos from the show. I have to say, I really enjoyed the collection. I like when Riccardo Tisci does couture. It is fun.

Some other pieces from the collection which I particularly enjoyed were all of the leopard looks (animal print is practically a neutral), the feathered jackets, and the liberal use of fur. I feel this collection was very Cruella de Vil in the most glamorous way. Riccardo Tisci also played with peplums and tailoring, something that is now perhaps a classic from him. We’ve come to expect a great blazer from Givenchy, a perfectly fitting pair of pants. Honestly, the outfit in the images above is definitely my favourite with the pale ombre leopard coming in a close second. I don’t know if it is because I’ve seen it styled off-the-runway (that often helps) but I really do love it, even with the hat.

Apologies for the slightly grainy images below, I couldn’t find HQs.

Met Gala 2016

I was super excited for the Met Gala this year, mainly because I’ll actually get to see the exhibition for the first time ever! From the previews I’ve seen, the Chanel bridal look with the immense train is a stand out piece, along with some newer offerings from brands like Dior (under Raf Simons) and Prada. I’m excited to see it and explore the differences between handmade, laborious pieces and technologically created. I’m sure it will be marvellous.

An invite to the Met Gala is one of the most coveted in fashion. Nowadays I feel that celebrities attend just to attend, not because they have anything to do with fashion. Next year I hope that they trim the guest list slightly to people who have an impact on/interest in/some stake in the fashion industry but given the increased commercialisation of the event I doubt this will happen. Perhaps it is a good thing given that it is a fundraiser for the museum itself. I wonder if any of the celebrities in attendance actually donate anything to the Costume Institute, other than their presence on the red carpet?

I have to say, this is the event of the year where you can get off with taking the biggest risks in terms of fashion, not somewhere you would need to water it down. In my opinion, a lot of people could’ve pushed the theme a little further than they did, have fun with it instead of wearing straight off the runway dresses, but overall I think it was a good red carpet, although not as good as last year.

Since Manus x Machina (hand vs machine literally; man vs machine in simpler terms) is the title of the exhibition, I expected lots of silver, robotic, slightly futuristic looks and we got plenty of them. The element of the theme that I was most looking forward to was a fully technology created outfit, perhaps some 3D printing. I had hoped for some Chalayan (a true boundary pusher) or even Iris van Herpen. As far as I’m aware, neither of the designers were represented. Instead there was a helluva lot of Balmain and Louis Vuitton. I did like cool uses of texture (embellished latex on Beyonce, for example) and also the celebrities who totally switched up their look for the occasion (Zendaya’s hair looked amazing and also Kim Kardashian really suited lighter eyebrows).

In a dream world, I would’ve attended the opening wearing vintage couture, perhaps Galliano’s Dior (see above Fall 2006 looks), as something to represent the manus section of the exhibition. In a society increasingly reliant on technology (e.g. think of the havoc caused when emails go down in the office), I’d like to think man could come out on top. Or you could do a combination, how about a machine made dress hand-embellished? The clash of the two techniques and the way in which we will adapt to suit is important. And as the sub-title of the exhibition says, we are in the age of technology. However, I am obsessed with couture and the craft behind it. Let’s hope it is an art that never dies.

My best dressed

Amber Heard in Ralph Lauren Collection
Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein
Lady Gaga in Versace (PS – I wish she had taken this even further)
Kendall Jenner in Versace
Kate Upton in Topshop
Alexa Chung in Thakoon
Beyonce in Givenchy
Anna Ewers in Jason Wu
Aja Naomi King in Prabal Gurung

And the best look of the entire evening…

Bella Hadid in Givenchy


All images from E! Online and Elle Magazine

Untitled #520

Untitled #520


When styling this look I imagined a cocktail party on a week night, say you’re heading there straight from the office. Take off the white shirt you had on underneath the blazer, swap the tote bag for a small cross-body style and wear stilettos. A true day-to-night look, office-to-evening concept.
I particularly like the peplum style of the blazer. I am yet to find a suitable alternative on the high street. A good pair of black pants is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I actually have many different styles of black pants but I’m still looking for the perfect cigarette pant. Is there a brand you would suggest?

Paris Fashion Week Highlights – Fall 2016

I love Paris. I love the mix of designers you get here plus the historic houses which continue to create. There were a couple of houses without set designers this season (Dior and Lanvin mainly, both with varying results) and another couple where designers who recently started their appointment are still finding their feet and giving the brand their own personal touch. Let me start this off by saying that I’m not going to discuss either Vetements or Balenciaga in any detail. I am not interested. I used to be such a Balenciaga fan under both Ghesquiere and Wang but for now I am done with the brand. I’ll wait to see the clothes actually on the streets before I say anything else.

Besides the aforementioned, there were many shows that I liked. This season I’ve found myself picking out a few pieces from each collection or a handful of looks that I think are strong/something I’d buy/super cool instead of looking at entire collections overall. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. For the whole season there has probably been less than 10 shows that I’ve thought of as the entire collection instead of just a few looks that I like. 


Honestly, I adore Riccardo Tisci. If you know anything about me, you’ll hopefully know that. Every season he makes clothes that I would want to buy and wear. For the most part, our aesthetics align. This season there was a bunch of different prints including snakeskin and leopard. I’ve actually seen a lot of leopard print coats over the past couple of seasons and I’ve been wanting one for a good few months. This show made me realise that come fall I will need one. (My favourite is still the Alexander Wang pre-fall one, however.) The collection was actually very cohesive. Inspired by Egypt, Tisci made a beautiful collection without being too literal in his references. I cannot wait to see how the ads are styled!

Christian Dior

This is the first ready-to-wear collection produced by the in-house design team since Raf Simons’ departure. The couture collection was panned but I think this one deserves a little more praise. I actually thought it stayed very true to the brand’s core principals and original designs. That is also a reason that people aren’t liking the collection (too safe). However, I thought there were a lot of beautiful pieces with a classic Dior silhouette. Realistically, the Dior customer is hella rich and not gaudy. These kind of clothes appeal to her, even if they don’t push the boat out creatively. My favourite looks were the fur-lapelled coat worn by Kendall Jenner and the dusky lavender coat of a similar style.


I have a method of looking at a Chanel collection. The first step is to look over all of the thumbnails on Vogue Runway and open the ones that catch my eye in a new tab. The next step is to look through the entire gallery and zoom in on pieces. If I still like them, I’ll open the tab again. Usually this leaves me with a zillion tabs open so small that my browser is about to crash. If I have doubles, I know that I like the look. It sounds like a tedious process but I’ve found that it’s the only way I can actually observe a Chanel collection because there’s always so much going on. Doing it this way means that I find pieces that I might gloss over if just giving it a once over; only occasionally do I actually watch the show in motion. This season I found the set was pared back but the clothes were not. There were cool uses of tweed (a bomber-type jacket for one), lots of pearls (a Chanel staple), and also many accessories which I thought were fantastic such as hats and mini bags. The Boy bag has to be the most popular Chanel style at the moment so it only makes sense that there were many imaginings of it on the runway. The floaty black dress with the gold embellishments towards the end was my favourite piece in the entire collection and one that I’d like to see in the campaign images.

And the rest…

This shearling cape at Maison Margiela was a fun twist on a classic aviator jacket.

I don’t think anyone was really ready to see another Lanvin show yet. I found it very 80s and many of the looks made me think of what American socialites would buy from the Parisian couture shows back then. I actually liked this dress even though it was slightly like a bed sheet. Also, this fur coat was cool.

These two looks (i & ii) at Dries Van Noten were very nice and I’d actually have styled them together with the coat open. It may have taken away from the impact on the runway but I can imagine that this is how people would actually wear it. There could’ve been a great supermodel-style runway moment where they took off the coat and swung it over their shoulders.

At Guy Laroche I liked this embroidered jacket.

You can count on Chloe for lightweight, flowy dresses. I feel like these can be worn in any season (with tights in the winter and bare legged in the summer). This time around I particularly liked this mustard offering with soft ruffles.

I used to be such an Olivier Rousteing fangirl but I’ve started to tire of Balmain. I think overexposure has done it. Looks are becoming so repetitive as well. However, there were still quite a few pieces that I liked (just not enough to make the show a favourite) such as this beautiful navy blouse with ruffles and this embellished top and skirt.

I’m slightly late on the whole patterned bomber jacket trend but I really like this one at Emanuel Ungaro. Given that they’re being shown on the catwalk again this season, I think it is a trend that is here to stay. I’ve seen a cool one at Zara that I like and if that fails I think I’ll look to a vintage store.

I really liked the colour palette at Akris, so warm and definitely autumn appropriate. Also, you can get a dress with a similar print to this one at Mango just now for £49.99 (if you’re interested in a runway-esque look for less).

The proportions of this coat at Acne Studios is cool. I also like the boots that it is paired with. I’m currently loving a lighter sole paired with black boots.

I am obsessed with this check dress at Isabel Marant. I’ll be interested to see how much this retails for because I want to buy it.

I liked the Rick Owens show a lot more this season than normal. The clothes were oversized and flowy but not so big that they drowned the models. Plus, the show was less gimmicky. See the full collection here.

I want to wear this entire look from Paco Rabanne. 

Valentino was so pretty but I’m sick to death of the shitty casting.

Fashion Flashback: Givenchy Spring 2014

Okay, I’m not quite sure if this can count as a flashback considering it was only two (almost three…) years ago, but for me so much has changed in two years. Heck, people on instagram post photos from the week before using #tbt so why am I trying to justify this? Basically, I adore Riccardo Tisci and I want to look at his work all day long. Spring 2014 was the season after the Bambi sweatshirts that caused an uproar. Sweatshirts? On the runway? Outrageous. But it was something that Riccardo had done before. The lasting impact of them coupled with the fact that they sold well helped shut down the criticism quickly. The men’s ones continue to be sold to this day. Walk into Harvey Nichols and you’ll still see a pitbull on a t-shirt.

I remember seeing this show and loving it. When Imaan walked out wearing the brown, draped dress with the cut-outs I was amazed because she is just so beautiful, but then so was the dress. The stretch jersey fabric, especially with the draping, is something that is easy to wear on so many different bodies and is something that translated really well onto the high street. It was not too complex that interpretations looked shoddy and that was something I liked. The flat shoes (almost like sliders/Birkenstocks) were a huge thing in the summer of 2014 so you can see the trickle down effect of the collection. Riccardo is someone who is influential to the masses, perhaps because of his huge following.

The set, a circle of light on the concrete to serve as a runway around the car crash centrepiece, was interesting. I can’t help but think it could’ve done with being a little bit more lit as it was quite dark, but the clothes are clear to see in the runway images. The clothes combined with Pat McGrath’s incredible bejewelled masks made this a memorable show.




Best Looks of 2015

Now that the year has ended and I’m feeling very retrospective I thought it’d be fun to do a round-up of looks worn by the famous folk that I loved this year. I started off by compiling a list off the top of my head and then did some more digging around too. I’ll try not to include looks that I’ve already spoke about on here before for fear of being repetitive but if something is so good I might just have to include it.

What constitutes a good look is tricky. I often feel myself wanting to “up” my looks in daily life and dress a little better. For example, I feel I should accessorise better or wear heels instead of flats but then other times I think what’s the point if nobody’s looking. Also, when you’re getting dressed at 7am the effort levels are low.

Celebrities have more opportunities to dress well and that’s why I love them. Everyday, mundane tasks are rarely photographed (unless its the Kardashians, in which case their grocery shopping will be a headline on the Daily Mail website) so it is usually the bigger red-carpet events or at least occasions that require a little bit of effort. But hey, if they want to go in full on glam and heels just to go shopping then more fool them – at least they have a car service to take them from A to B, no need to worry about hauling their bags on the train!

In no particular order, see my favourite looks of the year:

Beyonce photographed in New York wearing Cushnie et Ochs, DSquared, and Givenchy – May 2015
Nicki Minaj at the VMAs in Labourjoisie – August 2015
Kylie Jenner at the Balmain X H&M launch in the brand – October 2015
Bella Hadid at Chrome Hearts Celebrates Art Basel – December 2015


FKA Twigs in Alexander McQueen at the Brit Awards – February 2015
Rihanna in Dior at the Annual Diamond Ball. The wrap is so old Hollywood glam. I love it – December 2015
Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party – February 2015
Julia Roberts in Givenchy at the SAG Awards – January 2015
Beyonce in Proenza Schouler at the Grammys – February 2015
Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta at a “Still Alice” screening – January 2015
Kim Kardashian in Altuzarra, Tom Ford, and others at the Vogue Fashion Fund event – October 2015
Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace at the Critics Choice Awards – January 2015
Kiernan Shipka in Dior at the Emmys – September 2015
Rihanna in Dior at the brand’s show – October 2015
Selena Gomez in Givenchy at the AMAs – November 2015
Beyonce in Givenchy at the Met Gala (I’m sick of naked dressing but this was insane) – May 2015
Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein in Cannes – May 2015
Nicki Minaj in Mugler at the BET Awards – June 2015
Zendaya at Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 Gala – December 2015
Chrissy Teigen (an angel) in Solace London at the CFDA Awards – June 2015
Blake Lively in Roksanda promoting Preserve – April 2015


An icon in the making, the sweetest kid in America, North West in Balmain for a ballet lesson – May 2015


Designer Bags Worth Buying

A handbag is really important. So much so that people often pose the question of “are you a shoes or a bags girl?”. To answer it simply, I’m shoes. I’m crazy over them. I have way to many pairs in relation to how many feet I have and also how many occasions I have to wear them too (including a few really impractical ones that I cannot walk more than a few steps in). Bags, on the other hand, are different for me. I usually buy one and keep it until it is completely ruined – straps snapped, material worn, a misshapen mess. I also always have a bag that is way to big, purely because I like to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go. I could have some really nice looking smaller bags if only I’d sacrifice my water. Anyway, in the spirit of keeping bags for a long time, I view a high quality bag as an investment. Less likely to get worn out than shoes, a bag can last a lifetime if you treat it well and purchase a high quality one to begin with. I also feel like bags are less vulnerable to trends than shoes are so I’ve compiled a list of what I’d class as good investment bags (basically a bunch of designer bags that I wouldn’t say no to) that I think would actually be worth buying. See below for my picks where I’ve inserted links to the sites where possible:


I have two from Prada. The first is the nylon backpack – the item that made the brand famous (£705). I feel like this is just an iconic fashion item that would be worth buying if you could. It is functional yet still looks cool, especially if you’re going for a sports-luxe look. Alternatively, I suggest the saffiano tote (yes, the leather that every other designer has copied since) which is known for its durability due to scratches being virtually unable to show up (£1325). I’d probably just buy black in both of these styles.


Although Gucci is going through a renaissance at the moment, the brand still sells some classic styles that I think can stand the test of time, regardless of the image that the brand is projecting at that current time. First I’d suggest the Soho Hobo (£1210). This is one that I style looks with on Polyvore all the time because it goes with so much. I really like the Rose Beige leather version but the black is just as nice. What makes it better is that it has a shoulder strap too which is always handy. If you want something a little more interesting, I really like the new Boston bag (£1030). The style is one which they’ve been making for years with the classic monogram print but they have also recently introduced (I think) a black leather style which I like. It has the stripes around the bag which make you realise it is Gucci yet it is a bit more low key than full on patterns.


Only making his accessories debut two seasons ago, Altuzarra is offering some really strong saddle bags in various colours. The Ghianda bag is the one I’d buy ($2995, exclusive to Barneys); I’d opt for black just so I could get maximum use out of it and I think I’d go for the smaller size too. I like the braided strap and also the fact that this could perhaps be worn cross-body if you wanted to. I’ve been thinking about the cross-body look a lot more recently and I think I might try it out again. I haven’t worn a bag that way for years but I think given the right size it can look a lot better than just dangling off one shoulder. You just need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing on the top half isn’t too fussy.

Saint Laurent

I love Saint Laurent bags. They’re probably one of my most used on Polyvore and I think I’d carry one every day if I could. I particularly like the matelasse styles with the YSL buckle. I think it looks really slick. There are three bags I like the best and they’re basically just the same one but in different sizes (£885, £1680, and £1590). I’d choose the Powder colour as it is such a pretty nude. Very versatile, non?


Although I like the bag, I feel that the Antigona has become a bit cliche and perhaps overexposed. For that reason I wouldn’t suggest that as a keep forever bag as it has become a trend piece. However, I love the Nightingale tote in all it’s slouchy goodness (£1245). I think it is one of those bags where you can stuff it full of everything you’d ever need to carry and it would still zip up. The calfskin is so soft too. It is just a really nice bag and I feel like I wouldn’t be afraid to carry this around with me in day-to-day life for fear of ruining because it already looks a little lived in when you buy it. Like fine wine and J.Lo, it can only get better with age.


Instead of the classic quilted style that I used to dream about as a kid, I’ve really taken a liking to the Boy Bag recently. I think Nicki Minaj sporting one of every possible style has brought them to my attention and I’m now starting to think that the shape is rather interesting. You get it in a lot of different styles, changing every season, but I think to be safe (especially due to the price) I’d just buy a black one. At an eye-watering £2710, it is far too much money to spend on something that risks being passe just a few months later.




I don’t really like the infamous Motorcycle bags, they’re too 2000s for me. Iconic, yes, but to me they don’t feel very modern nor do they feel timeless. The image of the likes of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton (my original heroines) carrying them is very much ingrained in my mind and I associate them with a very specific time period. However, I do really like the Papier A4 tote (£1345). I’ve chosen this black suede version too as I love suede so much (I’ve literally bought three different suede items this month). If you had to push me to buy a motorcycle bag, I’d take the City in suede too (£1035).

That’s my list then. A brand noticeably missing, to me, is Celine. The reason for this being that the bags are quite difficult to come across online. However, I do love the Tie tote and the Belt tote, and I like the Trio cross-body but having seen these in person I feel that they’re both impractical and quite a security risk (the outer sections are just popped on with metal studs so a pick-pocketer could easily just grab an entire section of your bag).

I really like the bags that Donatella showed on the catwalk this fashion week at Versace. It is a brand whose bags I usually ignore but I really liked a few that she showed. If I’d been making this list come March, one of them would’ve likely featured too.

15 Looks Nicki Minaj Should Wear From The Spring 2016 Collections

Nicki Minaj is a queen. I truly mean that. I feel like she’s someone whose popularity is continuing to soar and I’m so happy about that. Something that I think has boosted her fame is her image overhaul which began around the time she joined American Idol. She stopped wearing the colourful wigs, wild make-up, and out-there outfits, and toned her look down – natural hair, more “normal” make-up, and a mix of high-end designer and fast-fashion clothes. To put it simply, she had a make-under. Whilst I do miss her old sense of style (it was so fun), I think she looks amazing now. For example, the VMA dress was a killer.

I find it fun to try and predict what Nicki is going to wear next, especially because she attends a few fashion shows nowadays and actually works with a brilliant stylist, Rushka Bergman, to create her red-carpet/event looks. There are a few designers who she clearly favours: the Alexanders (Wang & McQueen), namely. I’ll choose looks from designers I know she likes and also ones which I think she would like to be introduced to. I’m going to pick 15 different designers and select looks from their shows which I think she should wear (yes, I’m totally cheating with this post title). When I did this before, I actually got a couple looks spot-on that she wore. I wonder if the same will happen this time.

Also, on the topic of Nicki, read this NY Times profile – it’s amazing.

Jeremy Scott

Nicki used to wear a lot of Jeremy Scott back in the days when she used to dress more kooky and she still does wear a lot of his designs for Moschino. I think she would look great in this checkerboard cardigan, mixed and matched with this printed bikini. I think this would work great for a music video.


Another brand that Nicki seems to be rather fond of, Givenchy is a show which she actually attended in New York (wearing the designer head-to-toe, naturally). There were quite a few looks which stood out to me and I think would work, depending on the occasion. The first would be the dress which Joan Smalls wore – the black gown with the full skirt and fur – which I think would only be appropriate for a grand red carpet event (Oscars, Grammys, Met Gala) but I’m not sure there’s anything coming up soon that this would suit. The cross-over top and skirt combination that Pooja Mor wore would work well for a more casual event, however it isn’t often that you see Nicki in that type of neckline. Finally, I think that the feathered jacket with the bejewelled top and trousers would look insane. Nicki doesn’t often wear trousers to events but I think this could look great. Conversely, the trousers could easily be swapped out for a black pencil skirt. I’d go for Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist shoes in black with all of these looks.

Zac Posen

I’m not sure that Nicki has even worn a lot of Zac Posen but I wish she would – a ball gown would look fabulous. However, the look that I am going to suggest is the black bandeau strapless dress with the full skirt and slight tiers. I think this would look amazing if she had her hair down in a centre-part, a dark red or wine lip, and pointed black suede heels (Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo perhaps).


There’s three different looks that I think could work from the Burberry show. The first is the long dress with the full skirt and sheer panels. I think Nicki would wear this firstly because it has transparent sections and therefore it would show off her insane body, and secondly because she has favoured a fuller skirt in the past. I’d also like to see her wear this black coat with gold details. I think this would work for a casual look (perhaps paired with some items from Fashion Nova, a store that she seems to love nowadays). Finally, I think this short taupe dress would work well. As I said before, she used to wear full skirts quite often and this one reminds me of Alexander McQueen dresses which she has been seen wearing before. I think the details on this are so pretty too.


As I said before, Nicki likes Moschino. I think it’s a bit of a throwback to the wild outfits she wore when she was first blowing up. I think she’d buy these two t-shirt dresses because they’re both rather funny (the second being a Chanel-logo parody, another brand she’s fond of), maybe the boots, and also this coat. The coat reminded me of the one she wore for a Casio event in New York back in 2012.

Monique Lhuillier

The only time I can remember Nicki wearing Monique Lhuillier before was at the AMAs a few years ago when she wore the bright yellow gown – it was quite a moment. This look I’ve chosen is more casual than a full-on gown. On the runway it is styled with a white top underneath but I propose we remove that and just have the floral crop-top and skirt instead. This is a look that I really really really want to see her in because I can just imagine it looking so brilliant.

Christian Dior

Now that we know that this is Raf’s final collection for Dior, I feel that Nicki needs to wear something from the collection. I mean, who knows what the next collection will be like or who the hell will be designing it? Maybe the floral set was an omen that I missed – taking it full circle. I chose this simple jacket-dress, reminiscent of the infamous Bar Jacket. Hey, you’ve got to try the classics at least once right? Pair it with some tough looking boots and all will be good. I’m thinking something by Saint Laurent or Giuseppe Zanotti.


Since I didn’t include any mainline Alexander Wang in this list, I thought I’d better include something from his swan song for Balenciaga. I see that next season will be one of change – will Nicki even wear Balenciaga if it isn’t designed by Wang? I opted for this white look with the shaping around the breasts, because I can only imagine that it would look better on someone with fuller breasts than the model – no offence intended, I’m in the small group too. Louis Vuitton

I went for this pink biker jacket from Nicolas’ latest collection. It reminded me of when Nicki used to be like Barbie. If only she’d go for one of the old Barbie necklaces with it. That would make my life. I can imagine her wearing this casually, perhaps shopping, flying, or the likes (I don’t know how she spends her downtime).

Alexander McQueen

Instead of going for one of the flowery, floaty looks from this show I propose something a little different – my favourite look in fact. Jeans and a top. I can see her going for this entire look to be honest. To make it perfect, I’d like black hair in a bun with a fringe, but that may be too much to ask!


I loved this season’s Versace. Raquel Zimmerman opened it by stomping down the runway in this khaki blazer which I’d love to see Nicki in. I also really like this dress which Gigi Hadid wore but I fear that it might be too associated with her already for someone else to wear it and nobody really wants a “who wore it better?” moment, so I think Natasha Poly’s could be a close alternative.

Oscar de la Renta

This dress was just so pretty that I couldn’t not include it on this list. I can imagine this with a centre-parted wavy hairstyle and matching lipstick. I know Nicki used to favour Oscar so maybe its time she wore something from the brand again.


My favourite New York designer’s clothes have never been worn by Nicki as far as I know. That should change. I went for this exotic skin coat because I feel like it is her down to a tee – glamorous and luxurious and so fucking expensive. This would be a great introduction to the brand’s clothing.

Anthony Vaccarello

This dress may be pushing the limits a little in terms of how risque Nicki is willing to dress. However, if she’ll push the boundaries this far I’d be impressed. I loved Vaccarello’s show and this was one of my favourite dresses from it.


The first thing I’ll say about this is that I suggest hiking the skirt up over the belly button to make it high waisted. I think that would look better (more flattering) and also show less unnecessary stomach. This is one of the looks that I think she’s least likely to wear, but I’ll include it anyway. Oh, and change the shoes too.

So there’s 15 different designers, a few more looks. You’ll probably have noticed that there’s a few major brands who I’ve left out – Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Chanel are just a few – and the reason for this was rather simple: I couldn’t see any looks that I’d put her in. I can guarantee that she’ll wear quite a few pieces from Balmain (she always does), maybe something from T by Alexander Wang or a custom modified runway piece (I couldn’t see any straight-off-the-runway that I’d put her in), and she’ll buy a few bags and maybe shoes from Chanel.

Is there a glaringly obvious look you think I’ve missed? Let me know. Apart from that, I’m fairly confident in my choices. I hope she wears at least one. Ruskha, it’s over to you now.