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Golden Globes 2018

The Golden Globes red carpet experienced a blackout this year, and in the best way possible. Stars joined together in solidarity for women who have been sexually assaulted, a topic that has been in the news almost daily since last fall when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. Many have shushed the celebrities, saying that wearing black is really the least they can do, but if you’re going to minimize every action that a person takes then how are you contributing positively to the conversation? The point of everyone wearing black was to continue the conversation on sexual assault and inequality and that was definitely achieved.

From a sartorial standpoint, I love black. It is the most chic color and really looks good on everybody. As a New York resident (but not yet a New Yorker, I hear there’s a date requirement on that…), black is practically my daily uniform and I never tire of the color. I often look at red carpet looks and say “oh, it would be nicer in black”. The Golden Globes then provided me with my dream red carpet, where everyone was dressed exactly as I’d desire. I’m just going to ignore the two actresses who chose not to wear black because their reasons for doing so can be roughly conflated with wanting attention all in the name of “female empowerment”. Instead, let me focus on the positives and all of the amazingly dressed stars. What a way to kick off award season!

Catherine Zeta Jones in Zuhair Murad
Tracee Ellis Ross in Marc Jacobs (side note: I want to see her in one of his colorful turbans at some point too)
Issa Rae in Prabal Gurung
Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent
Mariah Carey in Dolce & Gabbana
Angelina Jolie in Versace
Geena Davis in Monique Lhuillier

Amal Clooney at the Golden Globes

This is going to be a rather superficial post. I have little to say apart from I fucking love her dress. Amal Clooney, George’s wife, has become an international public figure this year. An accomplished woman in her own right, Amal is a human rights lawyer and has worked on many high-profile cases. However, she didn’t come to much media attention until her marriage to George Clooney who has been notoriously single for years. I don’t know much about Amal so I can’t form much of an opinion on her. From what I know, she seems like a pretty admirable woman and dresses brilliantly. Her wedding looks were stunning but I think this dress beats them all.

Amal oozed Old Hollywood glamour at the awards show. She wore a Dior couture black dress with the most gorgeous train. To top it off she wore long white gloves which she reportedly had sewn herself. I just adore the Old Hollywood look, as I’m sure many people do, and wish current-day Hollywood would be more like it. However, times and styles have changed and it is just not as popular any more. The person who has come closest to it in recent times (apart from Amal) is Blake Lively and her stunning Gucci dress at the Met Ball in 2014.

So Amal, I apologise that I have nothing better to say about you other than I love your dress: I know that you’re so much more than that. But really, it is the greatest dress I have seen for a long time.

Blake Lively at the Met Ball 2014
Blake Lively at the Met Ball 2014