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Fashion Flashback: Jil Sander Fall 2012

Who doesn’t love Raf Simons? Even if it takes you a while to come around to him and his designs, I think everyone can agree that he is one of the most talented designers out there at the moment (and of the past 10 years, at least). He can do menswear and womenswear, and his own name brand has an almost cult-like following, being featured on Highsnobiety near daily.

In celebration of his first collection for Calvin Klein, the brand that he now designs for, along with his right-hand man from Dior, Pieter Mulier, I decided to look back at his last ever collection for Jil Sander. This is what I think of when I hear the name Raf Simons and I think his time at Jil Sander was probably better than his time at Dior. Let’s hope his first season at Calvin Klein is a good one!


Milan Fashion Week Highlights – Fall 2016

As with London, I’m a little late in writing this for Milan. I have been so busy over the past week or so that I haven’t had the time to even think about fashion week. I see a constant stream of images on Instagram so I know what has been going on but I’m not totally in the loop. It doesn’t help that I just started my Netflix free trial and have become hooked on Suits. Anyway, on to fashion week:


Firstly, I liked the sailor hats. They were a fun touch and I can definitely imagine some girls wearing them. I’m not sure if any of you have watched her videos but there’s a Youtuber named Sammi Quinn who I think would definitely wear one and look great whilst doing so. Apart from that, I had to dissect every look piece by piece. I find that’s what I have to do with Prada’s shows to see anything in them. The runway looks are always too much at once for me and I need to imagine what the clothes would be like on a rack. For that reason, I loved the coats with the fur trims, especially the leather one pictured above and the hybrid fur sleeve deal (I love the mix of fabrics, just like Sally LaPointe’s fur sleeved sweaters). I also really liked the printed shirts (one is worn in the look with the aforementioned coat) and the patterned long coats. Overall, lots of pieces that I’d buy if I were rich and needing a lot of new, non-basic clothes. It was just a really good collection.


I really loved the colour scheme at Versace. The black, blues, and salmon pink was fun and pulled the collection together. The knit jumper worn by Natasha Poly stood out to me because it was just so un-Versace in my mind, yet it worked. Outerwear is my favourite type of clothing, both to look at and to shop for and I think there were a few coats in this collection worth a second look – namely the navy with leather lapels worn by Adriana Lima and the bright pink one worn by Imaan Hammam (I adore her). The accessories were strong in this collection as well. Versace is not a brand I’d ever think of for a handbag but perhaps I should open my mind a bit more.


To be completely honest, I don’t know very much about this brand. I clicked on the thumbnail because I liked the look of it and ended up liking almost every look in the collection. I am all about elevated basics. I’m here for practicality. I know that can sound terribly boring but I’d rather splurge on something I know I can wear for years to come than a trend piece that you’re better off buying at Topshop. The soft, slightly muted colours were divine and the clothes all looked very soft and feminine. Some looks played with proportions, for example the red look pictured above with the wide sleeves, whereas others were tight and cinched in at the waist. I don’t know about you but I can see a lot of pieces that could be a lot of use to me. That’s what excites me about fashion. Clothes are made to be worn!

Jil Sander

Another collection that I suppose fits in with the minimalist movement. I think you’re either in one camp or another. Maximalists will have enjoyed Gucci, Minimalists will enjoy Jil Sander, some people love both. The white coat with the black buttons reminded me of a doctors outfit but cooler, hence why I liked that. The collection had quite a cool, oversized vibe to it and I love that. I once read about how costume designers used to give Joan Crawford shoulder pads because her shoulders were naturally wide and this collection made me think of that story. She was not afraid to make herself boxier and in the Kardashian, body-con era that we are now in, I think it’s important to remember that slouchy and oversized is fine too. Honestly, I wear both.

And the rest…

I loved the furs at Blumarine, especially the blue oversized one that was the opening look and the long brown one later on.

The embellishments on this golden dress at Ermanno Scervino were so beautiful. I want to see Selena Gomez in this. Also, is that a mini cross body bag or part of the dress? I haven’t managed to see a video yet to see it in motion.

As usual, it was the coats that I liked at Max Mara. This time I especially liked the colour-blocked one and the herringbone one with the matching top.

Turquoise and peach was a colour scheme that ran through the Fendi show, similar to that of Versace. I loved how elegant Julia Nobis looks in this look and how cool Imaan Hammam looks here (I love the stole). However, if I were to buy anything from the collection it would definitely be this coat with a furry collar and trimmings.