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The End of an Era: Style.com

Things in fashion are shaking up. And I don’t like it. Come the fall, and Style.com will be no more. Well, it will still exist but as an e-commerce site, not quite the website that it is today. I don’t know about you, but when it is fashion month I visit the site religiously and check the app every few hours to see the latest shows. As of recently, I’ve enjoyed reading their articles as well. For example, the lengthy Kanye West interview that they did after his Adidas collaboration was good reading, full of substance and meaningful questions instead of fluff that you often see elsewhere.

Style.com initially launched back in the year 2000, a whole 15 years ago. It was intended to be the online presence of Vogue and W, Conde Nast’s biggest fashion magazines. Since then it developed into an entire brand of its own.  You see, when the site was created not very many brands had a big online presence. We all still had that darn dial-up internet that cut off when someone went on the phone. The internet and its usership has blown up in the past 15 years, probably more so than ever predicted. Vogue and W now have their own websites (and Vogue has that wonderful YouTube channel), and now Style.com seems kind of redundant – except it’s not. Style.com is a haven for anyone interested in fashion. They have archives that go back over a decade. You can read runway reviews from shows that happened 10 years ago.

Style.com homepage as of 30/4/15
Style.com homepage as of 30/4/15

The move will mean that Style.com will become an e-commerce site (similar to how Harpers Bazaar has a shop section, or Lucky) and the runway reviews and whatnot will move to a new site called Voguerunway.com. It will be like a scaled down version of Style.com which kind of sucks. It was only last September that the site relaunched, and a few months later (December, I think?) that its print magazine ceased publishing. Being back under the Conde Nast umbrella should have been a sign that changes were to come, as Vogue really is the main fashion focus. It’s just sad to see staff losing their jobs and things coming to an end. It really is the end of an era. I just wonder how things are going to work out on the online store front. I hate to be a naysayer, but I can’t see it being successful. I don’t know why you wouldn’t just go to the Barneys website (or wherever the item is from) and buy it from there, unless there’s dramatic price discounts on Style.com. I don’t know. Someone with higher qualifications than me has made this decision and they’re probably better informed than I!

It has also been announced that Lucky (a former Conde Nast magazine) is going to cease to print, moving to be fully digital. Just this week, WWD printed its final daily issue also moving fully to print. Things are a-changing in the world of fashion publishing. I often think I’d like to work in that industry, but really things are too volatile. No such thing as job security in magazines! Now, let me go find a new website for runway photos. Nowfashion.com? Any other suggestions?

The Best Covers: May 2015

Now there’s nothing significant about the month of May in magazine publishing. It’s not March or September (when the new season collections are released) so there is rarely the big hype around the covers. It just so happens that this year, the May covers are brilliant. From Rihanna’s V Magazine to Joan Smalls’ Lucky, and the brilliant Met Ball inspired photoshoot for Vogue, there was a lot to like. I’ve already done a separate post on Blake Lively’s Allure cover so check that out too!


I thought that Rihanna looked a lot like Nicki Minaj in this photoshoot, and she looked damn good. Well, maybe not like Nicki, facially, but I feel that the shoot had to be Nicki-inspired at least. The blonde wig with bangs was similar to what Nicki used to wear back in 2011-2012 (don’t quote me on the dates, I’ve gotten a little rusty), as did the blue eyeshadow with the pink lip. Basically, if there wasn’t a photo of Nicki on the moodboard for the shoot, they’re doing her a damn disservice. Also, the hair was slightly Lil Kim circa 2000, or Nicki in 2010. I’ll attach photos for reference. My heart broke twice when I was looking for the photos: firstly, because I used to have what can only be described as an archive of every photoshoot Nicki Minaj was ever involved in and literally thousands of candids saved on my laptop, but I had to delete them due to lack of storage space, and secondly because when I was searching for the Lil Kim photos (I googled Lil Kim blonde hair 2000), hundreds of photos of Kim Kardashian came up…. To summarise, Rihanna looked hot and I like (what I’m assuming was) the inspiration behind the shoot.


Joan Smalls fronts the cover of Lucky, a magazine that I have literally never read in my life. All I know about it is that it was owned by Conde Nast, it does e-commerce, and that Eva Chen is the editor. This cover is stunning and accessible. I think it is the type of cover that will draw in people across the country. Sometimes fashion magazines can be intimidating, a scowling model on the cover in some high fashion garb that the masses don’t care about. This is a cover that has a happy model in a pretty dress holding a bunch of flowers. I like it. It helps that Joan Smalls is stunningly beautiful…


France’s version of Vogue, one of my favourite editions, has come under fire for the lack of models of colour that it uses. Their response? Put Liya Kebede on the cover. Now I think Liya is perhaps one of the most underrated models out there. She has been working for a decade (at least), and looks as good now as she did when she first started. I think it is important to note that the last time she had a Vogue Paris cover, under Carine Roitfeld, she had the entire issue dedicated to her (way back in 2002). She is also the first black cover girl in 5 years, and is the first under Emanuelle Alt, who became editor back in 2011. Also, don’t you think her Dior ensemble is perhaps the least Dior look ever? To me, it looks like Versus or Fausto Puglisi.


This is my favourite magazine ever, and this is a damn good cover. Vanity Fair is like reading a newspaper but with only interesting stories inside. Sofia Vergara wears Zac Posen on the cover, and she looks beautiful. I can only dream of looking as good as her at 42.


I wasn’t wild on the cover this month but inside there is an editorial starring Fei Fei Sun that is pretty great. As most of you will know, the upcoming Met Ball/Gala (I don’t know what the preferred term is, both are used), has a “Chinese Whispers” theme, meaning lots of Eastern influences. This translated into a photoshoot for Vogue, starring a Chinese model (thank God they didn’t just use a white girl), but completely lacked any Asian designers. However, the images were just beautiful despite that. Vintage Alexander McQueen, John Galliano (at Dior), Jean Paul Gaultier, and Chanel (by Lagerfeld, not Coco) were all used, and not a new piece was in sight. Slightly off-topic, but I love how American Vogue tells a story with their captions instead of just listing the designer and the price. This editorial has got me excited for the Met Gala!