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Los Angeles Store Kitson Shuts Down

Kitson is closing and I’ve still never visited. A company press release detailed the closure, resulting in the complete shuttering of operations (even the e-commerce). Even though I’ve never shopped there I feel like it is a loss, a true pop culture loss. Anyone who was anyone in the mid-2000s was photographed there. In the pre-Kardashian era mega stars like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan were snapped shopping in-store. The girls on The Hills visited there, I’m assuming after a particularly wild night out at Les Deux the evening before. Ever since, it was my dream to visit because back in the day I was obsessed with young Hollywood.

When my friend and I were 10 we decided we were going to go to Los Angeles on holiday when we turned 18. Needless to say, that didn’t happen but my piggy bank filled with pound coins still existed (now spent, of course). I still want to visit Los Angeles because it seems like such a dream, a city that is entirely unlike real life. However, Kitson will now have to be off of my to-do list (I had mentioned that I wanted to visit in my department stores post).

With the ever-evolving climate of retail and e-commerce being increasingly important, the physical store shutting down isn’t too much of a surprise. What I do find odd is that they’re closing operations online. Perhaps competition is too fierce.

Kitson closing reminded me of one of my favourite tumblr blogs, popculturediedin2009. It is run by a mid-2000s pop culture enthusiast who helps me relive my childhood by reminding me of tales of the rich and famous from days gone by. This was the pre-Kardashian era, when Kim was still Paris Hilton’s assistant rather than her peer. It was when Britney Spears had her very public breakdown, Nicole Richie was super skinny, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson were constantly in the tabloids (Ashlee was always my favourite), and the cast of the Hills were the most famous reality tv stars. Now the entire climate of celebrity has changed. A sidekick is a relic of the past rather than the device that everyone covets. The Internet changed everything. Maybe, in the new insta-generation, Kitson doesn’t have the same appeal as it used to. I haven’t heard much about the store in recent years so it does make sense.

Now with the closure of Kitson, my era of pop culture is well and truly dead.

PS – Merry Christmas when it comes!!