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Weekly Words: 16th December 2017

Versace SS18 Campaign

Shot by Steven Meisel and starring many of the original supermodels from Gianni Versace’s iconic shows, Versace’s SS18 campaign is nostalgic and superb. The entire collection was a tribute to Gianni Versace, comprised of archivally-inspired pieces and prints. The campaign continues with the same theme and provides us with a much welcomed injection of glamour and fun in this dreary world.

“Salma Hayek: Harvey Weinstein is my monster too” – The New York Times

In the scandal that never seems to settle, Salma Hayek has come forward with her own story about Harvey Weinstein from the time of when she was developing and shooting the movie Frida, based on the life story of Frida Kahlo. Her story, penned as a personal essay, detailed the incidents which took place in great detail and shows a lot of emotion. She spoke of an incident during the filming, which quickly descended into a hellish experience, where he pressured her into doing a lesbian sex scene with co-star Ashley Judd, aka the actress who first came forward with her story. It seems that no woman in Hollywood was exempt from his behavior. The day after the story broke, Weinstein’s publicists came out with a statement to deny the claims. Really Weinstein, why even bother?


Weekly Words: 22nd July 2017

“Why Does Every Model Look Like Kylie Jenner Now?” – Racked

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Racked made a good point that upon perusing various e-commerce sites and teen-focused retailers, a lot of the models looked like or were styled like Kylie Jenner. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me as this is something that I have noticed when looking on these stores. Conveniently so, some of the brands name-checked in the article are stores that Jenner herself has promoted on her Instagram at one point or another – FashionNova and the infamous badly photoshopped photo of her butt in jeans, PrettyLittleThing and the orange dress that kept selling out after she wore it to one of their parties, House of CB, a brand worn by all of the sisters. Other stores like Missguided often curate an edit around “Kylie Jenner” style pieces, either inspired by what she has already worn or by what they think she would wear. It makes a lot of sense that all of these retailers would do this given that their customer base tends to be interested in all things Kardashian. They are the same age as the Jenners (or a little bit younger), will dutifully copy and buy anything that they are instructed to, and manipulate their own appearance to look like the lipstick mogul. It’s only common sense that the brands would then use models who look like Kylie to sell their products because that way their customers can imagine theirselves looking like that to. It is a fairly easy look to achieve with the right make-up products (and perhaps a trip to the doctor’s office for the most dedicated few). Say what you want about Kylie Jenner (and the rest of her family for that matter), but one thing that is undeniable is their influence on teenage girls and on teenage culture in general.

Elle USA August 2017 cover

This cover screamed vintage Madonna at me as soon as I picked it out of my mailbox. Everything looks very Italian and the hair style and make-up made me think of Madonna circa the 1991 shoots with Steven Meisel. Couple that with the Dolce & Gabbana corseted bustier and it’s a material girl in front of our eyes. Emilia Clarke, best known as the platinum blonde from Game of Thrones, makes sense as a cover star given that the latest series of the show premiered last weekend. The Dolce & Gabbana outfit is also apt as she signed on as the face of their perfume earlier this year, with her debut campaign for the brand set to launch in September. The cover was shot by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by David Vandewal.

Zara FW17 campaign is shot by Steven Meisel, styled by Karl Templer, creative direction by Fabien Baron

Weekly Words: July 15th 2017

“Does the fashion industry still need Vogue in the age of social media?” – The Guardian

Following Lucinda Chambers’ interview last week which shook the fashion industry to the core, The Guardian have explored some of the issues that were brought up further, namely Vogue’s influence in the fashion industry in the age of social media. Since fashion shows are live-streamed and anyone can share their opinion online, traditional magazines like Vogue no longer dictate styles and trends in the way they used to. In fact, they are now influenced by social media whether that be by the pieces they feature in their editorials (often the buzziest looks from shows) or the models they cast. The magazines that are faring well in the industry are the publications who embrace the rise of social media by featuring influencers on their covers or in their pages. The Guardians’s article, penned by Karen Kay, details this all further.

Vogue Italia July 2017 Covers

Vogue Italia has undergone a rebrand since the new editor in chief took the helm. That includes retro styling and a different typeface on the covers. I personally love the new look. This magazine cover is funny to me because I didn’t even realize that the male model was nude until adding this image to my post. I have seen it so many times and failed to catch that detail as Grace Elizabeth is truly the focus of the shot. The images are shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Benjamin Bruno.

“The End of an Era: Colette to Close Its Doors” – BoF

On its 20 year anniversary, Colette, the famed Parisian multi-brand boutique has decided to shut down. The news came as a surprise given that the store is doing well and having various celebrations for their anniversary. For example, for every month this year they are giving an entire floor of the store to a designer. So far they have already hosted Balenciaga, and in the future will be hosting the likes of Sacai and Thom Browne. They are in talks with Saint Laurent, a brand that they formerly had issues with when Hedi Slimane originally took over the creative direction, to take over the store space. It will be sad to see Colette go as they were famed for their selections and for being one of the best multi-brand stores in the entire world.

Vogue Italia July 2016 Cover


I am beyond obsessed with the July cover of Vogue Italia featuring Italian model Vittoria Ceretti in a very Marilyn in The Misfits style wig and a punchy cover line, “So you want glamour?”. Yes, we always want glamour and Steven Meisel has delivered once again.

This cover feels like stepping back into the mid-2000s in the best way possible. It was a time when Vogue Italia had knockout images cover-after-cover-after-cover. This is one of the most beautiful photographs I have seen in a long time. I am definitely buying this issue, 100%.

Best of 2014 – Vogue Editorials

As per last year’s post, of around the same time of year, I have decided to round up what I consider to be the best editorials of the year. In this post, I will deal specifically with the four big Vogue magazines: British, American, Italian & French. Although, historically, these magazines are considered the best of the Vogues, I’m not 100% sure that that is still the case. Vogue Nippon (Japan) and Vogue Russia are, in my opinion, shining as bright stars in terms of editorials (I have no idea about actual content, I can’t read either language). However, like last year, I’m going to use this post for the Big Four and a separate one for the other, smaller Vogue magazines along with the myriad other fashion publications, from the biggest to the most indie. Now I realise that this post will be very photo-heavy so apologies in advance if that is not your preference. To strike, what is hopefully, a balance, I will only post my favourite shots from each editorial and link the rest for you all to look at elsewhere. Let us commence!


“Paradise City”

Models – Georgia May Jagger & Charlotte Free

Photographer – Tyrone Lebon

Stylist – Francesca Burns

See full editorial here.

See short film here.

“Santa Barbara”

Models – Andreea Diaconu & Ashleigh Good

Photographer – Josh Olins

Stylist – Clare Richardson

(This is probably my favourite British Vogue editorial of the entire year, Diaconu looks stunning all throughout).

See full editorial here.

“The Wolf in Her”

Model – Lara Stone

Photographer – Mario Sorrenti

Stylist – Kate Moss

See full editorial here.

See short film here.

Honorable mention to the Anna Ewers editorial “Two Weeks in September” which I have already made a post about previously. 


 “A Fine Romance”

Models – Lara Stone & Kit Harington

Photographer – Peter Lindbergh

Stylist – Tabitha Simmons

See full editorial here.

“The Feminine Mystique”

Model – Fei Fei Sun

Photographer – Peter Lindbergh

Stylist – Tonne Goodman

See full editorial here.

“The Dance of Seduction”

Models – Chanel Iman & A$AP Rocky

Photographer – Mikael Jansson

Stylist – Camilla Nickerson

See full editorial here.


“Un Week-End”

Models – Andreea Diaconu & Edita Vilkeviciute

Photographer – Mikael Jansson

Stylist – Anastasia Barbieri

See the full editorial here.

“Vent Du Nord”

Model – Andreea Diaconu

Photographer – Gregory Harris

Stylist – Veronique Didry

See full editorial here.

“L’Automne En Douce”

Model – Isabeli Fontana

Photographer – Scott Trindle

Stylist – Geraldine Saglio

See full editorial here. 


“Horror Movie”

Models – Natalie Westling, Issa Lish & Bernd Sassmannshausen

Photographer – Steven Meisel

Stylist – Karl Templer

See full editorial here.

“Wild Chic Style”

Models – Langley Fox Hemmingway & Ruby Stewart

Photographer – Michel Comte

Stylist – Ayako Yoshida

See full editorial here.

As I have said before, there are many brilliant editorials in fashion publications that are not the Big Four Vogues. For that reason, another post choosing my favourites from the other magazines will be coming up shortly. Let me know what you think of my picks, are there any of your favourites that I missed?