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(Belated) Weekly Words: 26th August 2017

“What to Watch: Twin Peaks: Two Yves Saint Laurent Museums Will Open in the Fall” – WWD

Are Paris or Marrakesh high up on your to-visit list? Now they should be. Pierre Bergé is opening an Yves Saint Laurent museum in each of the aforementioned cities, featuring a permanent collection of the designer’s work spanning decades. Both are set to open in October. I have actually been to two different exhibitions of Yves Saint Laurent’s work. One was at the Museum at FIT. It was an exhibition comparing Yves Saint Laurent and Halston as the two were oft-compared for their similar aesthetics (mainly with people saying that Halston was the American Saint Laurent). The second was focused solely on the designer and it was at the Bowes Museum in England. I had to drive a long way to get to the museum but it was so worth it. Hopefully one day I’ll get to make the journey back to Paris and (for the first time) to Marrakesh to visit the permanent collections. Yves Saint Laurent has been my favourite designer for almost my entire life so a museum of this standard is prolific to me.

Fashion Flashback: Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2007

Let me start this off by saying I’m so into the runway. It’s like a meadow. So interesting. The length of the catwalk is covered entirely in violet flowers, making it perhaps a dangerous but nevertheless beautiful sight. From what I recall, no models fell which is a feat in itself.

Stefano’s tenure at YSL isn’t discussed too much nowadays. I think this is because of the extreme rebranding done by Hedi Slimane (most obviously, renaming the line). Now that Hedi has departed and Anthony Vaccarello is holding down the fort, I feel like Stefano’s contributions will be looked over even more. As a kid, when I seen celebrities wearing YSL, it was Stefano’s designs. I actually liked him, although I did prefer Hedi. It’s just cool to think that the tulip skirt silhouette that was so popular for a few years in the noughties was reintroduced by him. The effect that individual designers have on fashion is not often noticeable until a few years later, unless they are producing a shift of seismic proportions a la Demna Gvasalia.

My favourite looks from the show:


See full collection here.


Let me start this off by saying I loved this season’s YSL show. I’m excited to see what more Anthony Vaccarello is going to do. But let me also say, I didn’t notice too big a shift between this season and Hedi’s work. In fact, if I didn’t know the creative director had changed I probably would never have guessed it. The stand out piece from the show were the YSL shaped heels. They were so killer. I actually posted a photo of them on my Instagram. To me they were logomania in the best way possible. Slightly vulgar but also cool as hell.

The YSL logo has been an issue of contention for Hedi Slimane, the departed designer who seems to be having real issues with his former employer. Hedi was accused of trying to do away with the YSL logo (which makes sense as he changed the house’s name to Saint Laurent Paris from Yves Saint Laurent) but he claims that this is not the case. In fact, he went on a Twitter rant detailing the many times in which he used the logo and promoted it. I’m not sure why he felt compelled to address this but whatever.


I am curious to know what actually went down between him and the company. There still seems to be drama that has not yet been played out and as we know his departure was rather sudden and (sort of) unexpected. For one, profits were at a high. So why did he really go? I read a good comment on a Fashionista article where someone theorised that he promised the owners a billion in sales and then he could do couture and they didn’t give him couture when he made that money so he left. That sounds plausible to me. I guess if we stay tuned on Twitter we may find out sometime soon…

Untitled #520

Untitled #520


When styling this look I imagined a cocktail party on a week night, say you’re heading there straight from the office. Take off the white shirt you had on underneath the blazer, swap the tote bag for a small cross-body style and wear stilettos. A true day-to-night look, office-to-evening concept.
I particularly like the peplum style of the blazer. I am yet to find a suitable alternative on the high street. A good pair of black pants is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. I actually have many different styles of black pants but I’m still looking for the perfect cigarette pant. Is there a brand you would suggest?

Untitled #480

Untitled #480


I can’t make up my mind on outfit blogging. On one hand, I hate it. I really don’t care to look on a blog to see somebody’s outfit, unless they’ve practically made an editorial (in which case, I could never do it because I don’t look like a model, nor could I pretend to). I’d rather look on Instagram for that. On the other hand, I love it. I love clothes and seeing how different people wear them. How I’d style something is so different than how others would and vice versa.
Recently I’ve started watching a lot more YouTube channels that cater towards fashion. It has taken me literally years to find channels like this (they all seem to be make-up ones) but once I’ve found a few, YouTube recommends others. I love watching people’s videos, especially outfit videos but I hate the long, drawn out posing that people do. I suppose you have to do this to show off the clothes but I can’t help but picture myself doing it and just cringing.

I want to showcase my outfits somewhere. I think it’d be fun. However, I know that I’d never have the confidence to do anything like that. For one, I hate getting my photo taken. I am not in the least bit photogenic. How come bloggers and vloggers always are?

For now I think I’ll stick to Polyvore but in the future maybe I’ll branch out. We shall see what happens.

Animal Print Evening Look

Untitled #383


If you ever look at my Polyvore, you’ll probably notice how often I use this Saint Laurent bag. It, along with its nude counterpart, is one of my all time favourite bags. I think they go with almost every look, hence why I use it with so many. I actually think that it would be a worthwhile bag to invest in because you could get so much use out of it, and I know it would be at the top of my list (or maybe second to a classic Prada) if I had the money to buy an expensive bag.
As for these asymmetric strappy shoes, I love that style. I own several pairs of flats in this style but not any heels and I think I’d buy a pair like this, perhaps in a suede. When I originally seen shoes like this I loved them because they reminded me of the neckline of Marilyn Monroe’s pink dress in How To Marry a Millionaire – one of my favourite films.
The crop top reminded me slightly of Nicki Minaj’s Mugler look at the 2015 BET Awards, perhaps my all time favourite look of hers. I think it is a top that I’d wear myself, although you’d have to wear a pesky strapless bra.
Finally, the Altuzarra skirt is a classic. The style is wearable for anyone and the print is one that can look glamorous if done right. Leopard print is tricky but as long as you’re not vulgar with it, it can look great.

One Item, Three Ways – Witchery Pencil Skirt



I came up with a couple of looks that you could wear with this skirt. From left to right: a day-time/dinner out look, an office look, and a club/night-out look. I love the skirt, and it’s actually in the sale right now ($99.95 AUD), but keep in mind that it ships from Australia and there’s very few sizes left. I’ve found myself loving Australian fashion recently. I’m not sure how things work down there though. Being on a different hemisphere, the seasons are different. So when most designers show their Spring/Summer collections, it’s September and going into autumn. But if they did that in Australia, they would actually be going into the spring and I don’t know how orders could be placed and production completed in time for it to go to retail. I’m guessing they reverse the seasons? Does anybody know for sure? I’d be interested to find out. Anyhow, check out Witchery. It’s an online members shop, but you don’t have to be a member to place an order (you get special rewards if you sign up though, like free delivery and store credit when you spend a certain amount), and it has lots of really nice stuff. If I weren’t worried about import costs, I’d probably place quite a few orders. I’ve only ordered from abroad twice (well, outside of the EU), and both times have been hellish. The first time my order took 2 months to arrive, and the second time, my custom charges were £17 on an order that only cost £35… Not worth it! It sucks because there are so many stores that I want to shop at more often (Nasty Gal for example), but unexpected, or unexpectedly high, custom charges put me off. I digress. Anyway, I love this skirt and if I bought it, this is how I’d wear it – except my shirt would be Zara and my bodysuit Boohoo, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of dreaming, right?

Dolce Gabbana white blouse
£455 – farfetch.com

Boutique crop top

Witchery black skirt
£51 – witchery.com.au

Manolo Blahnik black pumps
£385 – bergdorfgoodman.com

Stuart Weitzman leather shoes
£260 – saksfifthavenue.com

Sophia Webster leather sandals
£570 – farfetch.com

MaxMara black handbag
£525 – farfetch.com

Acne Studios black purse
£650 – acnestudios.com

Yves Saint Laurent black handbag
£1,355 – mytheresa.com